Alicorp - Mass Consumption

Alicorp is a mass consumption company, leader in the Peruvian market with industrial operations in six countries of Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, where the head office is located.

It exports to more than 23 countries and it is the second largest mass consumption company in the Andes.

It manages more than 125 leading brands in the markets of mass consumption, industrial products, and animal nutrition. It creates extraordinary experiences for consumers and innovates continually, which results in welfare for the society.

Main brands:

  • Don Vittorio and Lavaggi pasta
  • Bolívar and Opal detergents
  • Primor and Cocinero Oils
  • Bolívar and Marsella Soaps
  • Bolívar fabric softener
  • Casino and Tentación cookies
  • Manty margarine
  • Alacena mayonnaise
  • Tarí hot sauce
  • Negrita refreshments
  • Negrita pudding
  • Blanca Flor flour
  • Don Vittorio tomato sauce
  • Sayón panettone
  • Angel cereal