The Palmas Group

The Palmas Group

It is one of the most solid groups of the agribusiness sector and represents the largest operation of the country dedicated to the development, cultivation, and industrialization of oil palm and cacao with high quality standards and environment care.

The Palmas Group generates value for its shareholders, workers, and clients developing high quality products meeting laws, environmental issues, and community needs on a comprehensive basis.

It produces and trades oil, lard, bath soap, and laundry soap obtained from the derivatives of palm oil using processes that are 100% natural not subject to chemical processes.

Main brands:

  • SPA (soap made of palm almond)
  • POPEYE (this produces more soap suds and you can wash more garments)
  • TONDERO (this oil is Premium Quality and is used for general consumption and food industry)
  • TROPICAL (vegetal lard made of palm oil, 100% vegetal and 0% cholesterol)