The Legacy of Mr. Calixto Romero

The Legacy of Mr. Calixto Romero

The concept of shared value in the Romero Group was developed from the beginning with the arrival of Mr. Calixto Romero Hernández to Piura 125 years ago and the incorporation of his company dedicated to export toquilla straw hats. By means of a vision of opportunity, he applied a business model based on confidence and commitment to his partners, collaborators, clients, suppliers, and community that accepted him. Nowadays, this legacy remains intact and is a business conglomerate leading various sectors, where excellence, ethics, and transparency are the pillars of our success.

The Group continues the path of shared value with the different stakeholders promoting technological training initiatives using cutting-edge tools and the talent of its collaborators.




La historia de don Calixto The story of Mr. Calixto Romero Hernández is an example of all you can do when focused on a vision: "A Trip to America."

His simple personality and his entrepreneur and adventurous spirit let him identify opportunities along the way. Curious, intelligent and well informed, he always believed that everything was possible with education, effort, and dedication. The legacy of Mr. Calixto Romero was the creation of the ROMERO GROUP, one of the most important business groups in Peru.




Eldest son of a middle class family of peasants who had access to study in Spain, which let him open his eyes to the world. In 1874, when he was 16, he left Soria, crossed the Atlantic, and set foot in America. He began trading in Central America and The Caribbean and during one of his trips he arrived in Catacaos with his partner and friend Manuel Torres. Amazed by the commercial movement in this region, they definitively installed in Peru where they invested all their capital in the straw hat business in 1888. His persistence and sense of investment, confidence, and value of time took care the rest.